Four main rules for women 40+


Men, probably, will not be interested … Today I would like to keep secrets with my peers.

Tell me, honestly, do you read articles like this: «Hairstyles for women over 45», or: «Do not wear this in any case after 50 years old!»?

I read it some time ago, I confess. I was hoping to subtract something useful … As a result, I realized: these articles are written by dolls of 20-30 years old who call themselves fashion bloggers and consider women over 40 years old to be useless fossils. Most of the articles consist entirely of stamps and are illustrated with photographs of foreign models, who even have facial expressions that are not like ours. Moreover, these models are not over fifty, but for all seventy years …

After reading at least a hundred articles by “competent” fashion bloggers, I have come up with a few rules for myself.

Rule one

It says: «After forty, a woman has the right to decide for herself how old she is.» I didn’t come up with this, I read or heard this statement somewhere, and I liked it terribly. It suits me. I am as old as I feel. Age is a very relative thing. We are all so different — both in physique and in temperament. And everyone’s health is different. Therefore, I do not understand how one can muster courage — no, impudence! — and to recommend to all women of a certain age category to do or not to do something, to wear or not to wear, to make up like this, and not like that …

Rule Two

Less listening and reading «fashion bloggers». Wear what we like, what suits us — from our point of view. What we ourselves like and what we feel comfortable in.

Fashion today is so diverse and democratic that it is very difficult to be not fashionable. Wear wide trousers from the hip — you will be in trend. You will go out in flared trousers a la the seventies — again at the height of fashion. The figure allows you to wear tight pants — also relevant …

Fashion allows you to even fool around — wear a skirt or dress with sneakers, sneakers or boots … Personally, I’m naughty with might and main …

Cyprus, Larnaca, 2019. Photo from the personal archive Cyprus, Larnaca, 2019. Photo from the personal archive On the Chuysky Trakt, Altai Territory, 2020. Photo from the personal archive. On the Chuisky tract, Altai Territory, 2020. Photo from the personal archive.

Again, no one canceled the sense of proportion. But we are already smart, and we understand which skirt or dress can be worn with sneakers (sneakers), and which one cannot … And where can you go in this form. On vacation, as in the photo above — a hundred servings. But I wouldn’t risk it for the service … The authorities won’t understand …

By the way, have you heard that after some years you can’t wear shorts? I wear shorts with pleasure at 52 and plan to wear them for many, many more years …

Altai Territory, 2020. Photo from personal archive. Altai Territory, 2020. Photo from personal archive.

And I recently read that after 45 years it is extremely indecent to wear short skirts, open legs above the knee. And leopard and other animal prints are generally taboo. But what can you do! I love both short skirts and animal prints!

Baku, 2019 Photo from personal archive. Baku, 2019 Photo from personal archive.

Of course, some people won’t like you. And someone doesn’t like me, and my way of dressing. But this is not our problem, but those of the people who do not like us.

Rule Three

Remember that we certainly have a wonderful age: there is still courage and interest in life, and there is invaluable life experience that allows us not to step on the same rake that 20-30-year-old fools step on. At our age, there is more freedom: our children, as a rule, are already quite independent and do not require vigilant care.

It’s time for us to be able to enjoy life and forbid ourselves to whine. Whining spoils both mood and complexion.

Do not be young, do not «mow like a girl.» It looks very pitiful. No matter how slim the figure is, no matter how short the skirt is (this is a stone in my own garden!), No matter how smooth the face is, the eyes and look will still give out age. You can cover up wrinkles, you can even stab and pull. But you can’t hide the mind and experience. Therefore, you need to love your age.

Rule Four

Treat yourself with respect and love. I understand it this way. Carefully means not loading yourself with low-quality food, not poisoning yourself with sweet chemical soda and an excessive amount of pills. Allow yourself to sometimes lie a little longer, if you really want to, take a massage course …

With love means to provide the body with the necessary physical activity, not to allow the joints to “rust”, not to allow the muscles to become “wooden”. But in no case do not overdo it with the exercises!

Take care of loved ones, but do not let them sit on our necks.

Allow yourself to relax, arrange a “reboot”, get new impressions. Allow yourself to travel. I believe that travel is the best recipe for old age. And you don’t have to travel far. Even close to our home, you can always find interesting places where you have never been before.

Endless buckwheat fields in the Krasnogorsk region of the Altai Territory. It is literally a stone’s throw from us, and this year we visited for the first time. Photo from personal archive. 2020 Endless buckwheat fields in the Krasnogorsk region of the Altai Territory. It is literally a stone’s throw from us, and this year we visited for the first time. Photo from personal archive. 2020 year.

According to my feelings, every trip, every trip — even if it’s just a trip somewhere for the weekend — gives a huge boost of energy, and it’s like you’re throwing 2-3 years off your shoulders …

These are the rules I have deduced for myself and I try, if possible, to adhere to them. The most difficult thing for me is, while taking care of my loved ones, not to let them sit on my neck.

Have something to add? I would be happy if you share your thoughts on this!

With wishes of health and well-being, your grandmother Batman.

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