Walking with sticks (Nordic walking) and cervical osteochondrosis


Despite the squeaky frosts ( up to minus 42 degrees!), my fellow villagers continue to improve their health. And past my windows, no, no, yes, and a couple of ladies with Nordic walking sticks will march. This type of fitness is rightfully popular: it allows you to put a load on all major muscle groups (up to 90% of the muscles of the body are included in the work), develops the cardiovascular system, and spares the joints.

By the nature of my previous activity, I studied and mastered Nordic (Scandinavian) walking twice in advanced training courses. Once — as a physical education teacher. This type of physical activity was offered as one of the options for children with health problems. The second time — already as an instructor in physiotherapy exercises and a fitness trainer.

VF Lopuga, the first Nordic walking coach in the Altai Territory. Photo from open access. VF Lopuga, the first Nordic walking coach in the Altai Territory. Photo from open access.

And if the first time we studied the technique of walking and the methodology of teaching it to schoolchildren (under the guidance of V.F Lopuga), then the second time we had much more practice. In addition to mastering the technique, we, the cadets, ourselves wound kilometers with sticks.

On the second session, I felt dizzy. I didn’t say anything to the curator — I decided that the air of the pine forest had such an effect on me. The next day at the lesson, the dizziness intensified and the impression appeared that the neck and shoulder girdle from the back were shackled by a shell. I had to tell the instructor — a kinesiotherapist.

“Did you have neck, upper back injuries?” the doctor asked. Yes, I answer, there were, a child’s gymnastic neck injury a hundred years ago and trouble after a car accident at the age of 30. Our car at that time was noticeably hit from behind, and the seats were without headrests. After the accident, my neck hurt for 2 weeks, and then everything went away. Pass something passed, but with age it began to backfire …

By the way, not only did I have such unpleasant symptoms during those classes, but also two other people in our group. And these people also had neck injuries in the past.

Some time ago it was believed that walking with sticks is shown to everyone who is not prescribed bed rest. However, it turned out that this type of fitness also has contraindications. And one of them is osteochondrosis of the cervical and upper thoracic spine. This disease is often characterized by increased tone of the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle. The load received when working with sticks exacerbates this condition. The pressure of hypertonic muscles on the blood vessels that feed the brain with blood and drain blood from the head increases. Hence — dizziness, may increase or drop sharply blood pressure.

In fairness, it must be said that not in all cases, people with cervical osteochondrosis will experience discomfort during Nordic walking. But if the neck is constantly bothering, then it is better to refuse walking with sticks in favor of the usual vigorous walking . There is no need to follow fashion at the expense of your own health.

By the way, when skiing, I don’t feel any discomfort in the neck area. This is because when skiing I alternate different types of moves, the work of the hands is varied, the muscles do not have time to «clog».

On last year’s ski rides. Photo from personal archive. On last year’s ski rides. Photo from personal archive.

This year, by the way, I still, unfortunately, did not make a single ski outing. At first, there was very little snow, and instead of skiing, I walked around the ski base, admiring the swans in the winter. And then it snowed, but such frosts hit that it doesn’t feel like skiing at all … In the last days I limit myself to only home training … I hope that in the coming days the frosts will be released, and then I will take my soul …

How do you spend your weekends? Are you still on the island of Spiespey, or have you already begun to stir?

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