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Before coming to Zen, I had already gained some experience running two of my own blogs on the WordPress platform. One of the blogs had a narrow focus, I shared my methodological developments on it as a physical education teacher. The theme of the other was broader — it was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. But, firstly, the content of these blogs required money (hosting). And, secondly, the sites required time, and with this I was tense. As a result, I abandoned the sites.

Why am I writing this? And to the fact that by the time I came to Zen as an author, I already had experience of communicating with the audience. And not everyone, not always agreed with me.

When I started writing in Zen, I was well aware that in the articles I express MY point of view, and it will not necessarily coincide with the point of view of readers. I was ready to argue, and if the opponent gives strong arguments, perhaps I would take his side as well.

But Zen surprised me with the number of haters (people who write angry, abusive comments, often in an offensive form). At first, when I encountered frank rudeness and even profanity in the comments, I was seriously upset. Then I began to look at it philosophically: a person wrote a comment, which means that he indicated interest in my article, raised its significance for Yandex algorithms. And for that, thanks to him. Perhaps he even clicked on an advertisement in the text, for this — thanks doubly: he brought a pretty penny …

Well, think, scolded. But, remember, Ivan Bunin said: «I’m not a chervonets, so that everyone likes …»

Notice the comment circled in yellow. Obviously, a kind and well-mannered woman wrote. Screenshot. Notice the comment circled in yellow. Obviously, a kind and well-mannered woman wrote. Screenshot.

In short, I have already built up a decent thickness of armor. If someone disagrees with me and expresses his opinion in a digestible, correct form, then I am sincerely grateful to such commentators . By the way, I received quite valuable information from many of my readers in the comments. This is especially true of articles about my experience in breeding turkey laying hens. Yes, they explained to me that I was rather stupid, but they also showed me how to do it right. Thanks!!!

But there are comments of a different kind. This is when they simply insult (both the author and other commentators), pour dirt, literally spit poison … If they write absolutely nasty things, I just block the author and delete the comment. Sometimes I can snap. But I try not to stoop to that. I understand that these are unfortunate people, from the breed that do not love themselves. Their only consolation is to sit on the Web and exude bile … In life, expressing their point of view is usually their gut, and so, hiding behind a monitor or smartphone screen, please … Well, what to do with them ?! — Understand and forgive … And — ban …

Here is also an interesting comment, an experienced, wise person. Screenshot. Here is also an interesting comment, an experienced, wise person. Screenshot.

In general, people on the Web are different, when you decide to run a channel on Zen, you need to be prepared for this. In addition, there are bots that give out nasty comments automatically, reacting to any keyword or phrase. Usually such comments are not quite “in line”, and they are immediately noticeable. I delete them.

For those who are just starting their channel, I advise you to be more thick-skinned. It is better to delete the most ugly and evil comments so as not to create a negative atmosphere. Most likely, they were written by not quite adequate and not quite mentally healthy people. Or people under the influence of alcohol or something more serious.

If you want to express your point of view, and you assume that there will be a lot of people who disagree, perhaps comments on the article should be turned off in advance. I haven’t used this approach yet. I’m interested in what people think about the topic I touch on.

Constructive comments are welcome! In no case do not pretend to be expressing the ultimate Truth.

Health to all in the coming year! Merry Christmas!

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