2022: two main lessons of the outgoing year


A few days ago I wrote about the results of my 2020. And I was sincerely glad that the year passed relatively well, and all the people close to me were in the ranks. But alas, I was too hasty. Today came the news of the death of our matchmaker — the father of the wife of the eldest son. Yes, this is not the closest relative, but we had a very warm relationship with the parents of my son’s wife. The man turned 60 in December. Coronavirus provoked the rapid development of a rare type of blood cancer — myeloma. In October , the man came to the hospital with back pain. And today he is gone…

First lesson

Take care of everyone around you. And the closest, and not so … Just acquaintances, just colleagues and neighbors — take care. Today the person is still there. And tomorrow it may not be. And then such a non-healing, non-tightening emptiness is formed …

Take care of others and try, if possible, to please, even if just with attention, a phone call, a kind word. Didn’t discover America, I understand. But the outgoing year somehow especially harshly reminded us of this.

Lesson two

It lies in the fact that the unbelted infection has revealed: those who have chronic diseases and give up on their health are especially seriously ill and leave earlier.

Health, indeed, can not be bought, but it can be saved. Most chronic «sores» people make themselves. Yes, you can not discount heredity, trauma. But even in these cases, a lot depends on how a person sets himself up and whether he will make efforts to defeat or prevent the disease. When I studied at the institute, a professor who teaches age-related physiology and physiology of sports often repeated: “A person can be healthy without effort up to 25, a lot — up to 30 years. And then, to be healthy, you have to plow!”. But here’s the problem — most of us do not want to «plow». But 2020 has shown that if you want to live, you will have to work for your own health.

Sick of their own accord

If we look around, we will see that most people are sick of their own accord. Everyone knows that smoking and drinking alcohol is harmful. What is harmful to lead a sedentary lifestyle. What’s wrong with eating candy? But they don’t walk, but drive cars, smoke, “hit beer” every day, eat sweets every day, which include both trans fats and a catastrophic amount of sugar … And chips ?! Not only do adults, smart people eat them themselves, but they also buy them for children!

So it turns out: we all know everything perfectly, but we do nothing to save our health.

Do some exercises in the morning — laziness and no time. There is no time for an evening walk either. Three spoons of sugar in coffee is harmful, I know, but I’ll put it in … And we’re always ready to take a pill!

Now everywhere there are conditions for physical education. The point is small — you need to persuade yourself to do it! Photo from the personal archive of the author. Now everywhere there are conditions for physical education. The point is small — you need to persuade yourself to do it! Photo from the personal archive of the author.

The tablet is simple and fast. And exercises, walks and the rejection of the usual harmful “goodies” are very boring, unpleasant and burdensome. And you get the effect not like from a pill — not after half an hour, but after weeks and months of regular classes and restrictions. But this effect is of a completely different kind: not just the removal of pain, but a real improvement in the state of the body, an increase in immunity.

I would like to have the highest possible quality of life. When something constantly hurts you, nothing will bring joy: neither money, nor travel … And you, constantly groaning and gloomy, will not bring joy to anyone. Therefore, morning exercises (video clips of my morning workouts) are every day. If there is not enough time in the morning, I’d rather go to work without makeup, but “charged”. And I will leave, but I will not leave. Well, in extreme cases — in the warm season — on a bicycle.

As for nutrition, I don’t have too serious restrictions. But I practically don’t eat sugar and sweets, I don’t eat fast food, I don’t drink beer, sweet sodas and alcoholic cocktails.

I think this year has taught each of us a lot. Do you agree with me that the two lessons I wrote about are the main lessons of the outgoing year?

Health to all and happy holidays!

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