Proper nutrition.


I have already talked about the fact that I am very friendly with physical education (and even showed it!) And I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition. But one effort is not always enough, I have one weakness …

For example, everyone knows about the dangers of excessive amounts of carbohydrates in the diet. There is even a method for the almost complete exclusion of carbohydrates from the diet (“ thermodynamic nutrition”): not only sweets and products made from white flour, but also buckwheat and oatmeal, fruits … For all my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, I can’t accept and start applying such a technique . Firstly, I’m not sure that cutting out carbs entirely would be beneficial. Secondly, I just really, VERY love flour!

What to do if you really like buns and pasta?

I have been drinking tea and coffee without sugar for a long time. I can easily do without sweets and jams. But pasta! But buns, charlottes and crackers! Well, I love them! I can do without meat, but flour is my weakness.

The fact that premium flour does not contain anything particularly useful has been known to everyone for a long time. Just naked calories. Whole grain flour is another matter: here are vitamins of group B, and P, and PP (nicotinic acid), and H (biotin), and E … And a rich set of minerals: calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iodine , zinc … Fiber, of course, which stimulates the intestines, improves metabolism …

The solution is simple: cook pastries at home, using whole grain flour.

From whole grain flour alone, the dough is heavy, poorly baked. Therefore, I usually mix it with ordinary flour (I try to take not the highest, but the first grade) in a ratio of 1: 1. Or I take one part of whole grain flour and 2 parts of regular flour — this is if I bake something like charlotte or a sponge cake on sour cream.

I even cook homemade noodles, be sure to introduce whole grain flour into the dough. Usually I take half of the total amount of flour, or even 2/3. Yes, the noodles turn out dark, and dumplings too. But the dough, in my opinion, is much tastier. Moreover, any dough, and pancake, and yeast, and biscuit.

This is what, for example, pie yeast dough looks like:

Pie dough made with whole wheat flour. Photo of the author. Pie dough made with whole wheat flour. Photo of the author.

Flour flour — discord

I buy flour in ordinary chain grocery stores. I don’t focus on the brand. Usually I come across flour with large particles, the dough in the photo above is prepared from this. I also sift such flour, the particles of the shells remain in the sieve. But then, of course, I also introduce them into the dough — after all, they are the most valuable thing!

The last time I bought flour with a very fine fraction, it passes through a sieve almost without residue (scroll through the gallery):

Whole grain flour with a very fine fraction. Photo by the author Whole grain flour with a very fine fraction. Author’s photo

From this flour, the yeast dough turned out to be more airy, but I like products made from flour with larger particles more to taste. In general, both flours are good in their own way. By the way, whole grain flour makes excellent tortillas.

Previously, we had a bread machine, served faithfully for several years, but broke down from life — irrevocably. I think I need to buy again…

In general, I found such a compromise for myself: there should be carbohydrates in our diet. But flour — mainly from whole grain flour. And sugar was expelled almost completely. And we do without it easily — already used to it.

Do you use whole grain flour?

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